Digital Inclusion Must Leave No One Behind

Digital inclusion means using digital technology to promote inclusive development and leaving no person, home or organisation behind, Huawei deputy chairman Ken Hu has stressed. 
He made the observation during his speech at the TECH4ALL Summit held as part of Huawei Connect 2019. 
The theme of the summit was ‘How Inclusive Innovation Can Empower the World’. 
In his speech, Hu elaborated on Huawei’s TECH4ALL initiative and shared the initiative’s current progress. He also called on more individuals and organisations to join Huawei in addressing global issues related to healthcare, education, development and the environment. 
The target of TECH4ALL is to help another 500mn people benefit from digital technology in the next five years.
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“Technological advancements are accelerating the advent of the intelligent world. While enjoying the conveniences of science and technology, we must also look at the other side of the story,” the company said in a statement. “Digital gaps still exist: In many cities in China, the elderly might be unable to hail a taxi on the street, because taxis are now often booked via mobile phones. In Bangladesh, women don’t have many opportunities to learn about computers. On the Comoros, until two years ago, the inhabitants were isolated from the outside world, because they had no communications network.”
As the infrastructure of the intelligent world, the ICT industry has played a vital role in promoting national economic growth and boosting social welfare and happiness. It will also help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, enabling humanity to address challenges like poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental deterioration, economic issues and healthcare problems. The ultimate goal is to not leave anyone behind in the digital world.

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