As businesses become more aware of the importance data is to their business as well, they are more concerned about protecting it. This means protecting sensitive data from threats such as hackers, natural disasters which can wipe out storage devices, and also from unauthorized deletions or damages caused by employees. It’s a daunting task that requires balancing three main concerns: confidentiality integrity and accessibility.

Secure Technologies and Data Storage

Data storage security is the collection of technical, physical and administrative controls to protect the data and systems from unauthorized access to, tampering, theft, or destruction. It’s a system that covers hardware management, application development and security for networks. The key to effective storage security is having a comprehensive security strategy with clear policies, plans and procedures.

Depending on industries and countries where companies operate, they may be subject to regulations that have implications for security of data storage. PCI-DSS and Sarbanes Oxley are examples. These regulations could establish security requirements however, they usually leave the choice of methods and technologies to the company.

The use of encryption is a well-known and effective method to secure data. It makes files unreadable until a key has been approved. The process of cryptographic encryption can affect performance and slow down applications. Intel(r) Software Guard Extensions, like can help increase security and accelerate encryption without losing performance. This way, organizations can enjoy the best of both worlds: better performance as well as more robust protection of data.

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