As workplaces become increasingly flexible, remote business meetings are becoming commonplace. The geographical freedom to work anywhere in the world has opened up the workforce to a larger pool of talent than ever before, which includes those who are unable to get to work due to physical limitations or family commitments.

However, there are challenges when working remotely, which can lead to frustration, disengagement and ultimately a decline in productivity. Meetings can be long due to scheduling issues or time zone variations, or technical issues. It can be difficult for employees to concentrate on their work after a lengthy meeting.

To ensure that your remote meeting runs smoothly, you must choose the right tools and follow proper etiquette. This includes using video to show all the people in the room. It also means adhering to the rules of a meeting, for example being punctual and not answering emails when a remote meeting is taking place. It’s also crucial to send an overview of the meeting’s content to attendees afterward so they can track actions and the next steps.

It is crucial to establish a rapport with remote workers and make sure they feel valued. This can be done by beginning each remote meeting with a friendly small talk such as visit the site asking employees how they’re doing and what they’ve been up to in their personal lives. This is particularly effective for those who are new to the job or who are struggling with feelings of loneliness and isolation when working remote.

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