An investor data room is an archive of all the important documents and information that you’ll need to provide potential investors during due diligence. The documents you share could include your business plan, pitch deck and legal documents like employee agreements and non-compete clauses. The more complete and organized your investor data room is, the quicker you’ll close a deal.

While every company is unique, most will have similar requirements for an investor data room. We’ve compiled a list of the most important documents and information that founders must include in data rooms. This list will give you an idea of what you can include in your data room, but we’re here to help you customize it. Contact us to discuss!

Stage 1

This stage occurs after you receive an agreement sheet (or an equivalent version that is tailored to an investor) from an investor. This is also the time that you should have prepared a pitch deck or a version tailored for an investor. It is typically used as a cover page to your Data Room.

Investors will analyze your financials, and make projections based on different scenarios. Investors will also want to understand your business operations, revenue generation and will want to review contracts and customer lists. They’ll also be interested in your technology stack and any intellectual property that you have.

investor data room

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